Lloyd Claycomb Competes in Amateur Derby Finals

National Cutting Horse Association holds annual derby races for horsemen of all levels. Lloyd Claycomb was thrilled to compete in the Amateur Derby Finals by the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA). A long-term horse enthusiast, he is an avid supporter of the NCHA.

“My family has enjoyed the sport of cutting for years, and I am especially pleased to have the opportunity to partake in the derby with the National Cutting Horse Association says Claycomb.”

The NCHA held its first show was held in Dublin, Texas, in the fall of 1946. By 1963, the association recorded the results of 727 events, of which 504 were recognized as NCHA championship events. In those days, cutters vied for a piece of $404,183 in prize money. That included $23,225 paid out at that year’s NCHA Futurity. Fast-forward to 2006, and the contestants at the NCHA Futurity will be divvying up more than $3.7 million–over a hundred times the offering of that first year. Total purses at NCHA-approved shows now exceed $39 million annually.

From the open range to the arena, a cowboy shows fine sportsmanship. The sport of cutting and the National Cutting Horse Association is revered around the entire world.

About Lloyd Claycomb

Lloyd Claycomb founded United Builders Service, Inc. in 1978, where he currently serves as Chairman and CEO. The great success of United Builders Service’s has allowed him to be involved in philanthropic endeavors including Amazing Facts, Our Children International and Maranatha International Volunteers. Currently, Lloyd Claycomb also holds board positions with United Builders Service of Montana, AviBree Real Estate Holding, Inc. and the Grand Canyon State Bank. Lloyd Claycomb is a husband, father of two grown children and a grandfather. He has served his community as a Reserve Deputy and was the first reserve officer to train and certify a K-9. He also is a jet pilot and has totaled more than 5000 hours flying time in assorted aircraft.