Philanthropy Culture

Much like many other industries and organizations, the overall culture is extremely important to how successful they are. The same goes for philanthropy. In order to run an organization, and do it well, is to create a culture that inspires and means something to those involved. Here’s a few thing to keep in mind if you’re looking to shift the culture in your organization.

Donor Focus

Every employee and volunteer should alway be looking through a donor focus. What are things they like us doing? What do they not like? Knowing these things and reacting to them as quickly as possible is a donor focused approach. All employees should be internalizing the importance of your donors and treating everything they do with that in mind.

Team Effort

Another huge part of an effective philanthropy culture is the teamwork and camaraderie. Without team cohesiveness, you’ll fall behind. Teamwork and building great teams is something the culture absorbs in. Then you end up with a team who lives and breathes collaborations because of it. Employees who feel empowered by creativity and new ideas are more likely to come forward with them than a less welcoming culture.

Communicate Freely

Communication is an important part of every single aspect of our lives. In forging a culture that creates meaningful communication, you end up with less headaches. The root of most issues in the workplace is a breakdown in communication. If this isn’t a significant part of your overall culture – it should be.

Be Thankful

As a philanthropic organization, you rely a lot on the goodwill of others. As an organization, it’s best to show gratitude by always being thankful. All things, big and small, help shape your organization into what it is today. Instituting thankfulness as a pillar of your organization’s culture is an excellent way to always be happy with that you’re able to accomplish.