Mobile Giving

As technology has greatly enhanced, so has the way that charities and fundraisers raise money. Before the use of the internet and cell phones, non-profit organizations had to use the good old fashioned door-to-door marketing technique to raise awareness and collect donations. Now however, nonprofits are able to use the same concept with the click of a button. Instead, all they have to do is create a fundraiser and share it on their various social sites and gain donors. No more stand by telephone receivers awaiting your call. Instead, your organization is able to raise money quicker, while monitoring and creating strategies for future development of the organization. By switching to mobile giving, your donors will become more inclined to donate and your organization will become more organized in charity monitoring and event planning. Here are three reasons why your organization should switch to mobile giving today.


Mobile giving provides the convenience for both donors and receivers. Donors are able to donate at any given moment and aren’t required to mail out a check. The idea of mobile giving began when charities and nonprofits began to focus on receiving donations from millennials and college students. Because of the increase in technology, it is much easier and more convenient for these target markets to donate money. It’s also a faster process and only requires the click of a button, therefore giving the younger groups more reason to donate. Convenience is key when it comes to social sites in today’s world. As many people spend less than 6 seconds on a website, mobile giving is a great way to convince your users to donate.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile giving may be easier and more convenient, however this gives charities and nonprofits more work to consider. For example, without mobility, nonprofits are not able to properly monitor their receiving and spending accounts. This is also a great thing to manage finances and become more organized, while having everything on file. Using the old-fashioned donate and receive strategy can create problems when it comes to auditing during tax seasons.


Another great reason your organization should be using mobile giving is because it allows you to connect with more donors than ever. Mobile giving accounts for over 20% of donations. The reason being is because you’re able to reach an audience at a much higher impression rate. For example, if you post a charity fundraiser on Facebook and each of your friends see, they’re able to not only donate, but share the fundraiser on their own pages to increase and aware users. This is an important concept today as such a high number of people use social media, and contribute to making an impact in the world through donations.

Author: Lloyd Claycomb

Lloyd Claycomb founded United Builders Service, Inc. in 1978, where he currently serves as Chairman and CEO. The great success of United Builders Service’s has allowed him to be involved in philanthropic endeavors including Amazing Facts, Our Children International and Maranatha International Volunteers. Currently, Lloyd Claycomb also holds board positions with United Builders Service of Montana, AviBree Real Estate Holding, Inc. and the Grand Canyon State Bank. Lloyd Claycomb is a husband, father of two grown children and a grandfather. He has served his community as a Reserve Deputy and was the first reserve officer to train and certify a K-9. He also is a jet pilot and has totaled more than 5000 hours flying time in assorted aircraft.

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